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Tuesday, November 28, is Georgia Gives Day!

Show Your for LBC and our beloved forklift "Betsy"!

Help LBC raise $30,000 for purchase of a new forklift. This new forklift will allow Betsy, who has faithfully served LBC since 2012, to retire to greener pastures.

Miss Betsy
Written by LBC Staff member David Bedingfield

You have a motor and not a heart.
Yet to the evolving life of LBC, you have been a most critical part.
You have helped us become what we are today,
community driven and leaders who continue to show the way.
You are owed a debt that LBC could never repay.
For you are one of our valued treasures who simply strives to be an anchor each and every day.
How many trucks have you loaded or unloaded? Well, that is hard to say.
Yet you have made our growth possible in each and every way.
Cabinets, doors and windows... just to name a few.
Your help is beyond measure, for without you
We would not be able to be successful at all the things we do.
You too have had those days much like the rest of the crew.
A flat tire or a little under the weather,
But you remained strong which made us all the better.
Miss Betsy, you and Sluggo were here from the start.
You both showed for pieces of equipment both a will and a heart.
We at LBC know that you have been and continue to be an irreplaceable part.

Each year in GA, millions of pounds of reusable building materials end up in landfills. Every day, Lifecycle Building Center captures these valuable items and makes them available for $0.15-$0.50 on the dollar to our customers and for free to other nonprofits. Through this process we are putting people to work, increasing the efficiency of the built environment, and engaging more community members to become stewards of our planet. This #GAGivesDay, LBC is working to raise $30,000 to replace our dear forklift, Betsy. Help us honor Betsy and continue the important work she has performed at LBC since 2012 by making a secure donation today in celebration of #GAGivesDay on #GivingTuesday!


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