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Since 2011, Lifecycle Building Center has partnered with volunteers, material donors and thousands of material customers to build an engine that converts discarded building materials into significant community wealth and opportunity. In seven years, our team has grown from one unpaid staff member with a small pickup truck to a team of 11 dedicated individuals who are working hard to help our community thrive. This year, LBC is seeking to raise $25,000 to further expand each of our four programs. Read on to learn more about each of LBC's programs and their impact.

LBC + GA Gives Day = Green Jobs for Great People
Tracy Young came to LBC as a temporary employee through a partnership with GA Works, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that helps men move beyond homelessness and challenges with the criminal justice system toward self-sufficiency. LBC trained him in deconstruction, complementing his 20 year background in carpentry and plumbing. Now, Tracy is a full-time Deconstruction Associate with LBC and a valued member of the team. On GA Gives Day, you can help LBC create more jobs for incredible people like Tracy.

Goal: Raise $10,000 to expand LBC's Deconstruction Services program

LBC + GA Gives Day = No More Landfills
With your help, LBC can get to work on saving the next 5 million pounds of building materials and directing these valuable resources to the individuals, organizations and communities that really need them. The landfill certainly doesn't! At LBC's Material Reuse Center anyone can come shop for these unique, low-cost and sustainable building materials for as much as 85% off retail costs. Your support of LBC on GA Gives Day helps us put great materials into the hands of community members instead of into landfills.

Goal: Raise $10,000 to make more materials available at LBC's Material Reuse Center

LBC + GA Gives = Empowered Communities
Each year LBC’s Nonprofit Material MATCH Program provides free building materials to nonprofits, schools, and houses of faith to help them enact their missions of educating, supporting and caring for others. Organizations like Overcomer’s House are able to put more resources into feeding families, providing job training, and ensuring that children have clothing as a result of their partnership with LBC, which provided more than 7,000 square feet of carpet tile at no cost for their new food pantry and community space. Giving to LBC on GA Gives Day helps equip our community to care for others.
Goal: Raise $3,000 to donate more materials through LBC's Nonprofit Material MATCH Program

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