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Corbin plays the bagpipes in front of a crowd.

Each community member and friend has a reason to love L’Arche Atlanta. Corbin loves to share his bagpiping, and we love to hear it, especially at large gatherings when we have something special to celebrate.

Though in our society many people with intellectual disabilities are rejected and isolated, Corbin finds in L’Arche Atlanta a community that makes known his intrinsic value, gifts and contributions. His music is a gift which inspires us, and we joyfully and lovingly support him in announcing it.

Life at L'Arche is full of love. 

John has his arm around Terry's shoulders as they smile at the camera.
People with intellectual disabilities are at the heart of L’Arche. They’re not clients, patients, or recipients of services, but rather they are friends, teachers, and companions.
People with intellectual disabilities grow through their encounters with L’Arche. Through acts of care, trust and friendship they become ambassadors of Patrick blesses a man by annointing the man's forehead with water.compassion and leaders for social change and the common good.

​In our home, we provide 24/7 support to Corbin and others to meet their daily needs AND so that they can contribute their gifts to the surrounding community. In Greater Atlanta, we build connections bTwo young women, Jessica and Martha, embrace each other.etween individuals with and without intellectual disabilities through a series of open-community events, and
partnering with local schools, colleges, and faith communities to share our experience of community and belonging.
Today, we are asking you to make an investment in building a community where people with many differences - social-economic status, religion, and intellectual capacity - live, work and grow together. Together we are a sign for the power of mending our divided society through inclusivity.

Join us as we work to create communities of love and belonging in Atlanta.

Visit us at to see how we can

Imagine. Community. Differently.


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From the time I met Jean Vanier and heard him tell the story about the founding of L'Arche, I felt a commitment to the possibility of a L'Ar


L'Arche is a true blessing!


L'Arche=Love in Action!


I love you L'Arche : )