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Having a parent incarcerated is listed as one of the top Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  ACEs are defined as stressful, traumatic events including abuse, neglect, witnessing violence, and parental separation.  

The Annie E. Casey Foundation report, "A Shared Sentence," states that having a parent incarcerated is a traumatic experience of the same magnitude as abuse, domestic violence and divorce.

The National Survey of Children's Health showed that children with a parent in prison were associated with a greater likelihood for ADD or ADHD, behavioral problems, speech and language problems, learning disabilities and developmental delays.  

The Numbers:

Nearly 200,000 children in Georgia have a an incarcerated parent.

Georgia's prison expenditures total more than  $1 Billion annually.

Up to 
70% of children of inmates may one day become incarcerated.

Most importantly,  99% of Kidz2Leaders graduates are living free from state or federal incarceration!

Our Mission:
kidz2leaders®  exists to break the cycle of incarceration by providing stability, opportunity and a Christian community for children of inmates.

Our History:
Founded in 1999 by Rev. Dr. Diane Parrish, our organization began as a one-week summer camp, Camp Hope®, developed in response to Dr. Parrish's desire to break the generational cycle of incarceration.  Camp Hope held its first summer camp in 2000 with only 13 campers.  Today, children enter into more than a decade of progressive Christian year-round programming under the name of kidz2leaders, inc., designed to change the trajectory of their lives.

What We Do:
Our 10-year program continuum is designed to cultivate long-term, supportive relationships, beginning with children at age eight and serving them and their families through young adulthood.  We believe it is only through this long-term commitment that we can truly end generational incarceration.  Young adults who complete our decade of programming are on a trajectory toward living their lives free from incarceration and contributing positively to their communities. 

Camp Hope:  Cornerstone is the entry point where we start teaching basic Christina principles of love, trust, forgiveness and joy, while they learn to develop healthy relationships with adults and teens they can trust.   Leadership Training Academy teaches more advanced servant leadership principles with the goal of developing successful young adults who are giving back to their communities and to Camp Hope.  They are then given the opportunity to test their leadership skills by acting as teen counselors through the camper2counselor program.  

Interns4Tomorrow: i4t teaches work readiness skills to our high school students who have served as camper2counselors with the goal of creating young adults who are ready for the work force and can support themselves financially.  Students participate in paid, hand-on internships with metro Atlanta business partners.  Additionally, they receive encouragement and guidance for life after high school, whether that be trade/technical school, college, military or work.  Scholarships are also available through the Elgar Scholar program.  

Alumni Community:  We continue our relationship with our students through Alumni events designed to promote Christian community with young adult children of inmates who have participated in our programming.  

Family Support:  A variety of programming is offered to our families, including Zoo Atlanta Day, sporting events and Semi-annual Family Retreats that allow campers to share Camp Hope with their siblings and guardians, with the goal of creating closer, more stable family units.  

What Makes Us Unique:

kidz2leaders is the only ministry in Georgia solely dedicated to working with children of inmates from age eight into college.  We believe only through a long-term commitment can we permanently break this devastiting cycle.  

We are so grateful to Gas South for offering the Gas South Fuel for Good Challenge, where we have the chance to be awarded up to $3,000 in incremental funding!  As an organization with significant programming focused on Children in Need, funds raised during #GAgives on #GivingTuesday will help us expand our programming to meet the needs of more children of inmates in 2019!   Help us raise a minimum of $2,500 to qualify for this tremendous opportunity!  #GasSouthFuelForGood


Join us in supporting HOPE in these children's lives. 


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