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When Just Bakery of Atlanta got started training and baking in October 2017 with our first 2 trainee partners, Bhima (Bhutan) and Sisto (Democratic Republic of Congo), we set out to be a creative bridge over a big gap that kept emerging in the long-term resettlement efforts of our refugee neighbors-- access to job training and professional credentialing.  Just over one year later, Bhima and Sisto are leading the way in our work towards the economic security of our refugee and new American neighbors and a more diverse, compassionate, and connected community for all.  

And, because of the response and support of our wider community, our Just Bakery family and goals just keep growing.  Hayat (Syria), Carmel (Congo), Zenaba (Central African Republic), Mariam (Pakistan), Laleeta (Bhutan), Nem (Myanmar), Nuli (Burma), Yeser (Venezuela), and Mehrnush (Iran) are now working with us towards the opening of our very own storefront.

Can we count on you to continue to help grow our partnership and impact with our refugee and new American neighbors?  Will you join us as we seek to eat well, do good, and change lives?

We've set a goal of $7,200 for our Giving Tuesday efforts.  $7,200 covers an additional 10 hours of paid job training and living wage work for one of our refugee trainees.  That's $150 more a week, $600 more a month, and $7,200 more for our 48 weeks of work together this coming year.  That's an upgrade from a 1 to 3 bedroom apartment when Yeser's family is able to join him from Venezuela.  That covers transportation for Sisto to finish his high school diploma next semester.  That's childcare for Carmel who will be returning to our kitchen from time away for the birth of baby Moses.  That's tuition assistance for Nem as she pursues her associate's degree.  

Here's what we need to meet this goal-- YOU.

If you joined 19 of our committed friends in giving just $30/month, we could easily meet our giving goal and take this next significant step towards the economic security of our refugee and new American partners and neighbors.  And, you'd be giving towards another of Just Bakery of Atlanta's foundational goals as well.  You'd be reaching out to form a more diverse, compassionate, and connected community for every one of us as your gift extends welcome, friendship, and stability to Bhima, Sisto, Hayat, Carmel, Zenaba, Mariam, Laleeta, Nem, Nuli, Yeser, and Mehrnush.  

Maybe $15 is a better fit for your giving at the moment.  We would only need 40 of our friends to make that monthly commitment to reach our giving goal.  And, maybe you have a few friends who also want to be a part of creating and extending welcome and friendship to our refugee and new American neighbors.  Help them connect and give to Just Bakery of Atlanta, and you move our staff family that much closer to economic security as each one rebuilds life and hope in this new place.

Or, maybe you find yourself in position as 2018 draws to a close to give a generous, one time gift.  $600 takes care of a whole month of our giving goal for 2019.  $300 covers a Just Bakery pay period of economic security.  $150 is a week of support, and $75 makes a whole shift of paid training and living wage work possible for one of our refugee staff members.  

Your giving gets us there.  It makes you a part of our work as we seek to eat well, do good, and change lives.  

Give to connect.
Give to make an impact.
Give to be neighbor.
Give to extend welcome.
Give to create opportunity and hope.

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So proud that this organization is welcoming, and helping, refugees to our country. That's what makes America great!


Love the whole concept of this organization!


Just Bakery give people a chance - yea.


You are doing amazing work!

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