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Brain Tumors are the leading cause of solid tumor deaths in children under the age of 20!  Yet it remains underfunded! Less than 3% of  government funding goes to funding all 12 categories of childhood cancers and even less goes to pediatric brain tumors. Mortality rate for those diagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor remains high.

Joshua's Wish has funded over $175,000 for pediatric brain tumor research since 2010


Joshua's Wish  has awarded (15) students $5,000.00 Undergraduate Summer Research Awards in DIPG. We chose to target undergraduate students in order to expose young researchers to this little known disease and to hopefully spark their interest and develop DIPG as a lifelong research. 2016, 2017, 2018 Mercer University Students  have received this award.

Community Outreach to Families who have children with Cancer

Joshua's Wish provides juice boxes and snacks to the local oncology office for the kids to have after chemotherapy. Joshua's Wish partners with Macon Amstar to provide a monthly lunch and a movie to children who have cancer. 


 Joshua's Hands a Service of Joshua's Wish

Joshua’s Hands was formed as an outreach ministry of Joshua’s Wish, Inc. Joshua’s Hands is a support group for families who have experienced the devastating loss of a child. We offer support to families who have lost a child no matter the circumstance of how that child died. Losing a child is unimaginative weather by sudden death or by illness. Joshua’s Hands seeks to offer comfort and healing in the midst of a storm. 




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