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For over 80 years, the Junior League of DeKalb County (JLD) has sought to make last improvements to the DeKalb County community for all residents, particularly women and children. Many of the projects undertaken by the League in years past still have an impact on DeKalb County today.

JLD is committed to:
Improving the Community
JLD has identified and met many needs in the community, and our legacy includes collaborations with many non-profits and charitable organizations such as the Partners in Action for Health Living, The Day League, DeKalb Medical Center, and International Women's House.

The Junior League of DeKalb County currently focuses its volunteer efforts on promoting the development of early reading and language skills for children in DeKalb County. In the coming months, the Junior League of DeKalb County will staff and sponsor an after school book club at the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta, Jones Club where trained JLD volunteers will work with students to improve their reading and comprehension skills each week during the 8­-10 week program. In addition, Junior League of DeKalb County volunteers will work to support other programs and initiatives developing early reading and language skills in DeKalb County, through partnerships with the DeKalb Library Foundation, DeKalb County Schools and the Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students among others.

Preserving Historic Assets
JLD protects the historical assets past members worked hard to secure by preserving the beautiful Mary Gay House.The Mary Gay House was built in the 1820s in Decatur, Georgia and the name comes from the homes most famous tenant, Mary Ann Harris Gay (1828-1918).  The Confederate author and heroine is best remembered for writing an eyewitness history titled Life in Dixie During the War.  In 1980, the Mary Gay House was restored by the JLD.   The restoration of the house included stabilizing the home, refinishing the basement for use, and refurbishment of the rooms to the historically accurate Federal Period style of 1815-1830.

Training Future Leaders
JLD trains members to be professional-level volunteers who can effectively and efficiently serve the community in various capacities.

During the 2016-2017 League year, members will donate both thousands of dollars AND thousands of volunteer hours to the DeKalb County Community. None of this is possible without your generosity. Please give to the Junior League of DeKalb County and help us work towards a better DeKalb County.

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