I Will Survive, Inc.

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Vision Statement 
Our vision is to be a leading breast cancer funding and awareness organization that focuses on proactive prevention. 

Mission Statement 
To increase breast cancer awareness through education and provide funding in lower income communities. We provide prevention education, economic support, and health & wellness services to the Greater Atlanta area.

Why “I Will Survive”?

The name “I Will Survive” is a reflection of Anisa Palmer’s life. Anisa Palmer is the Founder and Executive Director of the organization. At the young age of five, Anisa Palmer witness her mother’s death due to lung failure caused by metastatic breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer means, in this case, the malignant tumor from the breast spread to the lungs. For Anisa Palmer, her mother represents the core and inspiration of her organization. Although her mother lost the fight to breast cancer, she gave birth to five beautiful healthy children, the youngest born months before her death, which ultimately shows the evidence of her strength to survive through some shape or form.

During Anisa Palmer’s service in the US Army, she was deployed twice into combat regions throughout Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom and even though she has witnessed and faced the pain and suffering war brings, she survived both deployments. I Will Survive, Inc. will incorporate all elements of survival to support people diagnosed with breast cancer as well as individuals directly and/or indirectly affected by the disease.

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