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inABLE - a Georgia, Atlanta-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves disadvantaged African communities in crucial need  of fundamental education and learning opportunities- was established in 2006 with a mission is to empower the blind and visually impaired through assistive technology by educating them to be computer proficient, and by equipping them with the necessary skills and resources  to become productive highly-functional members of society.

inABLE  works to create opportunities for the disadvantaged and disabled by providing the tools and technology necessary to build a solid foundation for self-reliance. So that blind and visually impaired learners can become active participants and beneficiaries as Kenya moves towards a developed nation, as envisaged in Vision 2030.
Three years ago, inABLE opened Kenya’s first assistive technology computer training program at the Thika Primary School for the Blind. Today - thanks to this computer curriculum - blind and visually impaired students at this school independently surf the web; communicate with new friends worldwide, use social media; type essays; research homework assignments; and host blogs. They enjoy reading current online news from the Nation, CNN and others. As a group project, a team of blind and visually impaired students designed their own school website.

In May 2012, inABLE kicked off its second assistive technology - computer lab project at Thika High School for the Blind courtesy of Dubai Women’s College, UAE. The school has a total of 270 blind and visually impaired students who need training on assistive technology. We also spent the summer providing a refresher course for nine students who graduated from our program at the primary school.

In October 2012, 60 students from the high school joined our computer program to gain basic computer skills. The basic computer skills which include: Introduction to Computers, keyboard skills, Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA –screen reader software), Zoom Text (screen magnifier software), Windows XP, Microsoft Office, Internet access etc.
This video explains who we are, where we came from and what we do.


Our Programs:

Computer Labs for the Blind

In 2009, inABLE opened Kenya's first computer lab for the visually impaired at Thika Primary School for the Blind. The computers are installed with accessibility software such as text-to-speech screen readers and screen magnifier tools for students that retain partial sight.

Catherine Mwayonga is a blind teacher:  “The InABLE computer program has restored back our sight; we can now read newspapers, magazines, download books from the Bookshare, and send or receive messages.”

Our Reading Spaces

When first created  'Our Reading Spaces', the mission of inABLE was to empower Africa through reading and access to information. Along with our primary focus on empowering visually-impaired students, we continue to advance our original mission through the construction of libraries in rural villages and communities in Africa.


Research & Development

The Mwangaza Project inABLE has partnered with the Georgia Institute of Technology and local organizations in Kenya on a research and development project to make Math & Science more accessible to blind students by use of assistive technology.

I have never seen people who work seven days a week, so that we can have our sight restored through technology."    Samson Kiongo, Kenya

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