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The Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership (IGEL) is dedicated to building and sustaining a diverse network of statewide environmental leaders to help resolve Georgia’s environmental challenges. The program was created in 2002 by former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes on the advice and guidance of his Governor’s Environmental Advisory Council.

IGELians in the field

Resolving Georgia's Environmental Challenges...

IGEL is a 501(c) 3 corporation governed by a board of directors of IGEL graduates from various regions and sectors of influence throughout the state.  IGEL has partnered with the Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility at Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business to develop and operate the curriculum and leadership program. 
As Georgia addresses challenges to preserve and protect its natural resources, solutions will come from people representing various sectors, opinions, ethnic and cultural communities and bases of power. Graduates of the IGEL program provide a foundation for Georgia’s environmental leadership.

Each spring, around 30 Georgians with proven track records in environmental leadership are selected and brought together to create an IGEL class. Participants come from diverse geographic areas and backgrounds but share a common desire to preserve and enhance Georgia’s environment.

IGEL alumni, now numbering close to 350, include a former member of Congress; top leaders and key staff of state, regional and federal agencies; CEO’s; environmental advocates; developers; naturalists, educators and researchers.     

Your support ensures that this vital program for Georgia's future continues for the benefit of all Georgia’s citizens. State funding for the program ended in 2008 with statewide budget cuts.  Tuition only covers  50% of the cost. The IGEL board has mindfully set tuition at a level that allows individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate. Give the gift of leadership TODAY!

The IGEL Program...

Fosters a deeper understanding of Georgia’s environmental issues.

Provides a safe forum for participants to explore each other’s views and motivations.

Engages participants in key aspects of leadership, such as creative problem solving, conflict resolution, building trust and developing communication skills.

Actively exposes participants to the vast potential and pressing environmental concerns in all regions of Georgia. This information gained in the field is designed to enhance leadership sessions that combine case-based, realistic simulations and presentations by leading experts.

Emphasizes hands-on learning techniques and opportunities to master new skills through practice.

For more information about the program and the application process, please visit our website.

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