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The Homeless Resource Network helps our community by providing a place for a person suffering from homelessness to receive mail, a safe place to store their few personal belongings, and helping them develop the skills and assess the resources they need to become self-sufficient.

Solve Homelessness Together this Georgia Gives Day.

1. Post a picture of yourself doing something you couldn't if you were homeless
(checking mail, walking into your closet, eating at your dining room table, etc..)

2. Tag five of your friends to particpate in the challenge

3. And then, donate to the Homeless Resource Network!

We want to spread awareness about the true burden of being without a home this Ga Gives Day. Help us so that we can solve homelessness together!

Last year we were able to provide:
  • 1,015 people receive bus passes
  • 138 individuals receive State IDs or Licenses
  • 433 people with referrals to medical care
  • storage for 361 people's personal belongings such as documents & clothing
  • assistance to 374 people to help secure housing

Please help us to continue solving homelessness by donating to us today!

Who do we serve?*
8% of our clients are veterans
22% are victims of domestic violence
40% are suffering from severe mental illness
27% have criminal history
4% are over the age of 62
3% are illiterate
(*some clients are listed in multiple categories)

How do they become homeless?
18% become homeless due to loss of income
6% due to divorce or break-ups
14% because of family problems
11% because of domestic violence

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