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Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit established to aid single mothers who are working, going to school, struggle to regain financial stability and striving toward betterment of life. H.O.M.E. is a trusted and reliable resource of providing “tangible love” through our Furniture Assistance Program in 9 metro Atlanta counties.  We are dedicated to helping moms and their children begin again after divorce, domestic abuse, incarceration, reunification and relocation. With the help of partnerships, sponsors and generous donors H.O.M.E. has served hundreds of mothers and children by providing basic necessities to rebuild dignity and self-respect.  Our clients are those who are transitioning into apartments/homes with little to nothing to start life anew.  “I had to leave everything; when I moved into my apartment I only had a spoon and a spatula,” explained one thankful mother. 

H.O.M.E. believes that no one should have to choose “food” over “furniture.” And with an alarming percentage of Single Mothers throughout our communities at large who are fighting to endure, rebuild and bounce back, while working every day, juggling bills and raising children is a daunting task that can last for months… even years!  Thus, H.O.M.E. steps in to provide sofas, dinettes, beds, televisions, dressers, linen, lamps, dishes, décor and so much more!  We ask you to please invest in the mission of H.O.M.E. and consider becoming a financial partner.  Every dollar you donate will not only give hope to mothers who feel hopeless, but will also help us change lives through the gift of furniture… one truckload at a time!


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Everyone needs a hand. Love comes from the heart!!


Great organization helping people turn a house into a home


Keep Up Your Great Work!


God bless you. I am a 9 year old singer, and actress i_am_addy_c everyone please support this woethy cause