His Steps Ministries, Inc

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Our Approach

Substance abusers are seeking help from the church. There is an undeniable sense that God wants to offer hope to those caught in this sinful lifestyle.  However, many in the church are unsure of how to counsel those in need, and the help of secular philosophies does nothing to change the heart of the substance abuser.

His Steps Ministries is different.  We believe God wants to bring true and permanent change to the lives of substance abusers through the gospel of Jesus Christ, the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, and the sufficient resources of God’s Word.

We emphasize:

  • A six month program tailored to establish a foundation in Biblical thinking that transforms every aspect of a life destroyed by substance abuse
  • Regular accountability and discipleship from Biblical counselors
  • A ministry based out of the local church and in partnership with local churches
  • A Biblical approach that addresses the sins of substance abuse in Biblical terms with Biblical solutions
  • God-centered HOPE
Steve K donated $100.00
Steve K donated $100.00
Steve K donated $100.00

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