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This is a moment the students of Masters Academy will never forget.

These students have just had a unique educational experience: the chance to hike in the north Georgia mountains, to spend the night at a beautiful backcountry lodge, and to learn about environmentally friendly living while having fun. Not only did they experience solar energy, clean their plates at dinner, and learn about the benefits of composting, but they also had a chance to unplug—to step away from phones and televisions and bond with one another in a new and beautiful setting.

The Hike Inn encourages people of all ages to form a lasting  connection with our environment. Education and inspiration are our goals, whether we’re teaching sustainable practices or simply providing a unique wilderness setting in which people can form lasting friendships and memories. For young students such as those at Masters Academy, these experiences can be the first steps in their lives toward a love of nature and a desire to protect it.

“Students learned that composting toilets don’t have to stink, that eating all the food on your plate makes a difference to the environment, and that there’s a lot of fun to be had in nature. They are still sharing stories about funny things that happened on the trail... this is an experience they will never forget!” –Jessica Price, Masters Academy Teacher

You can help the Hike Inn support more schools like Masters Academy. Our youth education program relies directly on funding from grants, working with partner organizations, individual donations, and volunteer support. Through this support, we provide a financial assistance program for schools and youth organizations that might not ordinarily be able to make a trip to the Hike Inn. By funding a night’s stay for a student or a teacher, you provide an opportunity for a child to connect with nature and become invested in environmental stewardship.



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The Hike Inn is a very special place and one that everyone who loves the out doors should visit and learn from.


If you've never stayed at the HIke Inn, you should give it a try--We love it!!!


Looking forward to volunteering more this year!


Looking forward to visiting and volunteering in 2019!