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Our motto:

Employing revolutionary methods;  Getting revolutionary results.

HELP ORG INC (Help Elevate & Liberate People Organization Incorporated, also known as Help Elevate the Lord's People Organization Incorporated and Help Educate & Liberate People Organization Incorporated) is an inter-faith, multicultural organization born out of a sincere concern for our local and global community.  We are employing a proactive-holistic approach to community development.  Understanding the immense impact that poverty, drugs, racism, and sexism have had on our community, we are promoting a system of intense rehabilitation by catering to the social, physical, and spiritual needs of the community.  Through a collaboration of diverse, but like-minded partners - under an umbrella called the Save Our Streets (SOS) Coalition - we implement several innovative programs that aim to inspire our community to empower itself.

"If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together."
Quote Credited to "Aboriginal Activists Group, Queensland, 1970s"


Organizational History

HELP ORG INC (HELP) was incorporated and achieved 501(c)(3) status in 2004.  HELP was established as a non-profit, non-governmental community based organization committed to promoting systems that improve the social, economic, educational, and spiritual conditions of local and global communities. Since our inception, HELP has provided continual community service in Northwest Atlanta by partnering with diverse local organizations and institutions focusing on neighborhood planning and infrastructure improvement, expanding resident participation in community decision making, and providing direct services to youth, young adults, adults, and the elderly.

At home and abroad, HELP has built a broad network of positive relationships across our target areas by partnering with several local community groups, social agencies, elected officials, as well as churches to provide services to neighborhood residents. The services provided by HELP included organizing community meetings, conducting special issue forums, providing program consultation, establishing communications mechanism, and making referrals for social services.

We have now expanded our service areas to include Sapelo Island, Georgia and Agogo, Ghana. 

Organizational Mission

HELP's mission is to provide an adequate place for organizations to enhance and to teach life skills and provide necessary services to youth, young adults, adults, and the elderly to help them lead healthy and prosperous lives.

Organizational Vision

HELP’s vision is to see all sectors of community i.e. resident, business, government, and civic groups working together to create and re-create consensus and positive change. HELP seeks to collaborate with residents in devising creative and effective solutions to our most dire social ills.

Organizational Governing Structure

Governance, Inc. is led by a Board of Directors with all of the powers of governing and directing, and of overseeing the management and affairs of the organization. The corporate governance principles of HELP are composed of a series of documents adopted by the Board of Directors and reviewed periodically to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the organization and reflect current industry best practices.

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