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In Georgia and across America, there is a critical need to improve the health of our children. One in three kids is overweight or obese. The trend is alarming. Childhood Obesity has almost tripled in children and adolescents in the past 30 years. If this trend continues, this generation will be the first in our history to live shorter lives than their parents.  We can stop this trend, but it will take communities working together to create a culture of health.
With your support, we will put the training, resources and tools into the hands of teachers, childcare professionals, parents so that they can empower children to eat right and be active every day.  Together we can give children the best chance at being successful in school and in life.
HealthMPowers promotes healthy habits where children live, learn and play. By integrating nutrition education and physical activity into schools, childcare centers, and after-school programs, the settings where children spend their time, we are creating a culture that supports lifelong healthy lifestyle choices for children, families and communities.
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