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This year Georgia Parent Support Network is focusing our efforts on renovating our building at 1382 Metropolitan Parkway. This will become the House of Hope, a home for our Youth Peer Center.  This will be place where young adults are encouraged and supported to gain the skills that will contribute to living productive, healthy lives in their communities with the guidance and support they need as they transition into adulthood. 

House of Hope will be a safe place for young adults to come and learn from their peers who have navigated through their adolescent years and into adulthood successfully. The House of Hope will provide support and training in areas such obtaining GED’s, high school diplomas, vocational education and college.

Available to all attendees will be trainings in daily living skills, how to manage transportation in the city, resume writing, dress for success, job readiness, anger management and support in obtaining health and wellness services.

Donations received on GA Give Day will go a long way toward supporting our dream and making the House of Hope reality.
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Looking forward to welcoming House of Hope to the neighborhood.