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Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education

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The Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Economic Developers Association founded the Partnership in 1992 so that business, education, community and government leaders could collaborate on improving education in the state. These stakeholders work together to create systemic solutions and the Partnership serves as the broker for these advocacy and policy recommendations. The Partnership works to reshape Georgia’s education system so that students become skilled and competitive in the globalized workforce. The long-term goal is to promote economic parity by providing all students, not just a few, with an education that reflects the highest standards of academic excellence.  The organization’s credibility comes from its ability to synthesize research and disseminate information to respected leaders to implement policies with long-term results. 

Since its inception 20 years ago, the Partnership’s mandate has been to systemically improve public education in the state. Over that time, Georgia’s educational system has made progress. Georgia is now recognized as doing well when compared with other states in its establishment of policies that make available high quality education through accountability and high standards. The state is seeing steady improvements in student performance. Students are doing better in Georgia’s public schools because of recent Partnership activities. The Partnership created an extensive research-based analysis of the birth-to-work pipeline investigating success factors of high schools and middle schools. 

Today the Georgia Partnership is engaged on several fronts to improve our state’s public education system.  From our annual Top Ten Issues to Watch reports, Bus Trips Across Georgia highlighting achieving schools and sharing their best practices, and media symposiums for education reporters and editors to its Economics of Education and Critical Issues Forums, the Georgia Partnership continues to make a difference in the lives of Georgia students. 
The following are just a few examples over the past 20 years of the Partnership’s impact on sound education policy changes in Georgia. The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education:

• Laid the groundwork through Schools Work I and II for the A+ Education Reform Act of 2000. The Partnership was instrumental in the advocacy and policy positions of the act. These improvements most notably focused on early interventions, creation of local school councils, and the establishment of a state level cabinet to ensure seamless education.

• Advocated successfully for a lottery-funded statewide pre-kindergarten program; a constitutional amendment calling for appointed local school superintendents and elected school boards; and an amendment allowing school systems to hold local referendums to establish sales tax funding for school construction purposes. The Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax has generated more than $13 billion in revenue, since its inception in 1997. 

• Became the catalyst behind Georgia’s Leadership Institute for School Improvement (GLISI). The institute has trained and continues to train, equip, support and inspire hundreds of education leaders to drive change for student success in their local systems. GLISI creates systems that promote catalytic leadership within the public schools.  

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