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Go Eat Give is Atlanta based 501(c)(3) non profit organization whose mission is to bring the global community closer together, increase diversity and cultural awareness, and have fun. Go Eat Give offers educational vacations to countries such as Indonesia, Kenya, Cuba, Belize, India, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, Spain and Nepal where individuals can experience firsthand the culture, cuisine and society. All participants work in the community doing service projects involving teaching English, emopwering women, working at orphanages, hospitals, health posts and more.  Through the volunteer trips we are able to provide smaller nonprofit organizations around the world that otherwise may not have a voice with monetary assistance, in-kind donations & volunteer manpower. 

Locally, Go Eat Give organizes monthly Destination Dinners, that showcase authentic cuisine of different countries; speakers on important topics that range from cultural nuances, refugee community, life in war zones, to traveling abroad and celebration of unique festivals; and native artists that portray dance or music performance representing their countries. Over 5,000 attendees have come through our 50+ Destination Dinners and Speak Series to realize how diverse our neighborhood really is. 

Join us for events held throughout the year in Atlanta, Washington DC, New York City & Miami. 

Go Eat Give's blog educates readers across 120 countries about people, food, travel ideas, recipes and inspirational stories of giving. Go Eat Give was named one of the five most influential blogs on culture in the world by the Foundation of Florence, Italy. 

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Go Eat Give also offerd customized volunteer vacation tours for groups of 10-12 people. Contact us at for more information.

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