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Global Village Project (GVP) is an innovative special purpose school for refugee girls and young women with interrupted education. Our mission is to develop a strong educational foundation for each student within a caring community using a strengths-based approach and intensive instruction in English language and literacy, academic subjects, and the arts. 

With an approach focused on students’ strengths and resources, Global Village Project demonstrates how adolescent English Language Learners with limited and interrupted education can be highly successful students and empowered citizens. GVP aims to provide an exemplary model of excellent and equitable education for newcomer refugee learners.

For 10 years now, Global Village Project has provided free, high-quality education to refugee girls ages 11-18. Our full-day academic program emphasizes a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) framework that integrates units of study across subject areas. Field trips and learning excursions are a vital component of our STEAM Education and Career Exploration program because they allow for hands-on, experiential learning and exposure to real-world applications of drama, music, history, STEAM, and career opportunities.

This year for GAGives on Giving Tuesday, we're celebrating the friends and supporters that make it possible for our students to explore learning outside the classroom through field trips and off-campus learning expeditions!

STEAM is an interdisciplinary approach, which recognizes that creativity, communication, and collaboration are integral to learning. Alongside intensive literacy instruction, STEAM is at the core of our curriculum at Global Village Project. Last school year, groups of GVP students had the opportunity to go on more than 25 field trips across Atlanta, allowing them to practice their classroom knowledge through hands-on, project-based learning experiences.

Arts integration provides an invaluable medium for learning, expression, and empowerment - especially for students like ours who lack the language skills to grasp new and challenging concepts. Throughout the year, students visit arts partners like the High Museum to gain a broader understanding of creative expression and learning.

GVP's STEAM Career Exploration program is critical to opening our students’ eyes to new opportunities and encouraging ambition. This program brings together an entire learning unit exploring careers, and includes visits to companies and colleges across metro Atlanta.

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