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Join us in our quest to make schools in Georgia the place where teachers love to teach, students love to learn and results defy the odds.

GLISI grows current school leaders to transform school culture, inspire teachers, and engage students in rigorous joyful learning. Last year, 2,144 more Georgia students graduated from GLISI districts as a result of strong leadership in increasing graduation rates. That high school diploma translates to $10,624 more in annual earnings for each student. In total, GLISI's graduates from 2016 produced $22.7m more in earnings just last year, helping them to provide for themselves, their families and their communities.

Join us to #UpliftTransformCreateBuild more excellent and equitable schools and to realize our vision of a Georgia where schools and communities pursue breakthrough success for every child - regardless of race, geography or family income.

Leaders transform culture, schools, the narrative, our future.

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GLISI matters in the professional lives of participating Georgia leaders and, ultimately, in the lives of Georgia's students.


Kaye Frataccia this donation is dedicated to Ric


A heartfelt thank you to Patty Heitmuller for her commitment to making BCLS a quality learning experience for GA educators!


GLISI is connecting the leadership dots in Georgia public education. Learners to teachers in the classroom, to school principals, districts