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Antebellum Glen Mary Plantation

Sparta, Georgia 

Photo: circa 1930


Glen Mary conveys the unique cultural identity of an antebellum Southern plantation.  Historic Glen Mary combines the rare qualities of splendid classical architecture and a strikingly beautiful pristine rural setting. Preservation America seeks to recapture Glen Mary’s former elegance and historic character to ensure its future for generations to come.

After a 5 ½ year transformative restoration Glen Mary survives today looking much as she did when built in 1848.  This revival to its original appearance was enabled by a federal grant in partnership with The National Trust for Historic Preservation and administered by The National Park Service.

Glen Mary Plantation

Glen Mary Plantation Landscape


Our Work is Not Done!
Work is stalled awaiting funds!

Glen Mary is generally open to the public for viewing, study, research and cultural events, but serious conditions of deterioration make it difficult to welcome visitors and continue with our many public programs.

The Critical Need: - Plaster Restoration   

Preservation America is pursuing the revival of Glen Mary’s splendid interior spaces, which are imperiled by damaged and missing plaster.

Main Hallway

Close-Up of Main Hallway

Overview of Main Hallway

Main Hallway Cornice

Main Hallway Cornice

Dining Room - Deteriorated Ceiling showing original wooden lathe and 2 layers of modern sheet rock

What We've Accomplished So Far

Glen Mary’s double parlor, photo below, is a finished room and shows the EXISTING ornamental plasterwork, which is an art form contributing to the significance of the building.

Visitor Viewing The Plasterwork in the Double Parlor

Double Parlor Cornice

Double Parlor Ceiling Medallion
 The critical need is for our current project: restoration of the damaged and missing plaster.  It is the most important interior work that will ever be undertaken at Glen Mary. 

Invest in Accomplishment!

From This:

To This:

Glen Mary’s historic character has been recaptured!  Glen Mary is the only known plantation house in the county featuring simulated brownstone, hugely popular in 1848 in New York City.

The threats of neglect, fire, storms, decay and poverty are real and constant.
So, what would be lost, if Glen Mary disappeared?

An irretrievable, important piece of Georgia’s heritage, the rightful legacy for future generations!

Please help us save this Georgia treasure! Give Generously!
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