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"Continuing the Tradition"

Giwayen Mata is the award-winning soul-stirring, all-sistah, dance, percussion, and vocal ensemble founded in 1993. The words Giwayen Mata literally translate to “elephant women” in the West African Hausa language.
Giwayen Mata performances often highlight traditional as well as original African and contemporary works addressing issues about people of color, women, and the environment. The ensemble contributes its talents to a variety of events and special occasions. The shows are often interactive and involve audience participation, which are key elements in the excitement and enjoyment generated by the ensemble’s performances. Giwayen Mata aspires to perform before local, national, and international audiences, seeks to educate and entertain through performances, concerts, workshop, lecture/demonstrations, and to study and teach on the African continent and abroad.
The mission of Giwayen Mata is to celebrate our lives as women and uplift our communities and our planet, while perpetuating the cultures of Africa and the African diaspora through the study, creation, teaching, and presentation of artistic media including dances, rhythms, songs, and poetry around the world.

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