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2016, supporters will receive a complimentary ticket to the closing reception of Georgia Equality's World AIDS Day event Living With, an experiential art-as-advocacy exhibit featuring a curated collection of multi-sensory, interactive art installations that tell the intimate and complex stories of life with HIV. The closing reception will be held on Thursday, December 1, 2016, from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm.

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What We Are Working On
Non Discrimination: Workplace Fairness, Housing & Public Accommodation 
Many people across our country and across our state assume that it’s already illegal to fire someone or deny them housing or other services simply because they’re LGBT, but that’s not true. 
Workplace Fairness: There are currently no federal or state employment protections for LGBT Georgians. In other words, you can be fired simply because you are gay or transgender in the state of Georgia. 
Housing: Georgians can be refused rental or removed from their homes because of their perceived or real gender identity or sexual orientation. 
Public Accommodation: To be refused service, entry, etc. into a place of public accommodation based on your perceived or real gender identity is a reality in our community. Public accommodations are generally defined as entities, both public and private. 
LGBTQ Youth Advocacy 
The Atlanta Coalition for LGBTQ Youth 
School is not the only place LGBTQ youth experience discrimination and harassment. The Atlanta Coalition for LGBTQ Youth unites nonprofit and public service providers to improve the service they offer to Atlanta’s diverse LGBTQ youth. Over 50 organizational members representing housing, healthcare, HIV prevention, faith-based and other social services convene bi-monthly for LGBTQ and youth-centered trainings, expert technical assistance and discussions about how to create safe space in the nonprofit, social service environment.
HIV/AIDS Advocacy 
The Georgia HIV Advocacy Network
The Georgia HIV Advocacy Network was created in 2009 to unite people living with HIV and service providers across the state to advocate for HIV policy initiatives. The network serves as a hub and dissemination mechanism for state and local HIV policy information and is staffed to provide policy analysis, advocacy training and coordinated community activities.
Youth HIV Policy Advisors Program
The Youth HIV Policy Advisors Program pairs young people living with HIV one-on-one with Metro Atlanta elected officials to serve as the officials’ Special Advisors on HIV. Youth are trained intensively on principles of policy and advocacy and work to educate elected officials on issues that address our local HIV epidemic. 
Trans Advocacy 
Georgia Equality seeks to lead efforts in nondiscrimination policies and laws that include gender identity.  We find it to be important to use visibility to educate others on the importance of transgender issues and inclusion, especially within the business and corporate environment that may have little or no LGBT experience or background by providing transgender competency training.
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