Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network (GAIN)

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If our nation is to remain a shining city on a hill, it is because of groups like GAIN who light the pathway in, drive open the door, and embrace those seeking shelter from the storm. - Aaron Block, Partner, Alston & Bird, and GAIN Board Member
GAIN's mission is to provide free immigration legal services to victims of crime and persecution. Each year, we help hundreds of asylum seekers and immigrant victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault secure immigration status to remain lawfully in the United States, escape abusive or exploitive situations, and acquire the tools they need to rebuild their lives.

Why do our clients seek asylum?

Charlotte and Corina are two sisters from Gambia. After their father stared to become sick, he sent them to live with their grandparents in another town because he could give them the care they needed. Under the care of their grandfather, Charlotte and Corina were victimized with female genital mutilation and then sold as wives to much older men. They fled these horrors and came to the United States to seek asylum at the ages of 10 and 12. After waiting for nearly 4 years for an interview, the sisters received asylum and protection in the United States in 2018. 


How does immigration status help victims of violence?

Originally from Mexico, “Gabriela” was sold into an abusive relationship with a drug lord at the age of 13. When she was forced to flee in 2014, she made the heartbreaking choice to leave her daughters behind until she could provide for them in the U.S. In her quest for employment, she answered a deceptive help wanted ad and encountered her traffickers. For 6 excruciating months, Gabriela was drugged and forced to provide sex to up to 20 men a day. She escaped with the help of Homeland Security and local law enforcement and even helped build a case against her traffickers. Now, thanks to the legal services GAIN and our volunteer attorneys provided, Gabriela is finally able to safely bring her daughters to the U.S.

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