Georgia Center for Nonprofits

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Here's how we put your donations to work for purpose-driven people every day:

GCN is the state lead for GAgives on #Giving Tuesday, Georgia’s annual philanthropic event, catalyzing over $20M in donations to Georgia's nonprofits since 2012.
Work For Good, our job board and recruitment platform, connects more than 3 million mission-driven professionals with nonprofits seeking top talent nationwide.

Nonprofit University is the only competency-based corporate university for charities in the US, providing valuable skills training and leadership development for more than 3,000 nonprofit workers each year.

Mission:Money is a free financial literacy resource that enables nonprofits to remain competitive and helps their workers develop sound financial planning strategies that support their personal and professional futures.
Recognized among the nation’s premier leadership development programs, GCN’s High Potential Diverse Leaders program builds a pipeline of accomplished, inclusive, diverse executive leaders.
And so much more!

Your donation enables GCN to strengthen and sustain the nonprofits that promote health and wellness, nurture the arts, educate generations of learners, advance social responsibility, and provide rich cultural experiences for communities across Georgia. Thank you for supporting GCN!

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