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Georgia is home to 697,000 veterans comprising almost 10% of our population.
Veterans issues are complex because they are not one dimensional. While many veterans integrate back into civilian life without issue, many grapple with adaptation to life with physical disabilities and others struggle with hidden disabilities like traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress that challenge their ability to retain a job.  Still others have substance abuse problems, housing problems, or lack the skills required for the types of jobs available in civilian life.
In Georgia, there are a number of nonprofits that are providing services to veterans of recent and past wars.  Some work with homeless veterans providing food, housing and mental health services.  Others are supporting more recent veterans with services ranging from building wheelchair ramps or making their homes disabled accessible to providing job training.  Still others support active duty soldiers by sending care packages of needed personal care items or helping the families of deployed service members.
Why you should give:  A prosthetic leg or arm can cost between $3000 – 5,000.  A wheelchair ramp can cost between $500 – 5,000.  Making a vehicle wheelchair accessible can cost up to $10,000. Grief counseling for children of a deceased soldier $200.00.  Providing 1 care package of personal care items for a deployed soldier - $25.00.

Gifts to this category will be distributed to a veteran serving organization, or organizations, registered on GA Gives Day unless specified otherwise in the donor’s comment section. 
This year, we are making it even easier to give to a cause that is close to all of our hearts. So please, donate on this page and join us we work to support organizations serving veterans.
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