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Georgia ranks 36th out of 50 in state health rankings.  Our state has very high rates of obesity, smoking, pre-term births, cardiovascular disease, stroke and high blood pressure.  We have 3.10 hospital or rehabilitation beds per 1000 people and many communities a care facility is over 1 hour away.  Despite the health issues of our citizenry, Georgia is home to some of the national and international leaders in health research and health care such as Care and the American Cancer Society. 

Nonprofits serving on a local level include those working on direct health care services like free clinics, hospices and community hospitals; those working on disease research and abatement like diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease, AIDS, and childhood cancer.  In addition, nonprofits work on health policy and public health education. 

Why you should give: $25 pays for one flu shot; $48 pays for an AIDS test; $100 pays for a diabetic meal plan; $150 pays for one lymphodema arm sleeve for a breast cancer victim; $500 supports home health care for one critically ill child; $1000 supports research on ALS. 

Gifts to this category will be distributed to a health and disease related organization, or organizations, registered on GA Gives Day unless specified otherwise in the donor’s comment section. 

This year, we are making it even easier to give to a cause that is close to all of our hearts. So please, donate on this page and join us we work to support organizations serving in the health and disease sector.
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