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Georgia is home to many natural wonders - rivers, mountains, vallies, swamps - we can't even begin to count the breathtaking scenes across our great state. But we live with an ever increasing threat on our home. 

Close to 40,000 miles of our streams are in constant danger due to pollution and building developments. We could lose up to 22% of our forests over the next five decades, losing more than 100 acres of green space per day. 

Georgia can take pride in being the 10th best states in the nation for solar power potential, however, we are listed as the 38th state in nation solar power use.

Education is key in solving our most dire environmental issues. Environmental groups in Georgia are working to raise awareness about these issues and ultimately change Georgians' daily behaviors to clean, conserve and protect the lands, wildlife, waterways and air we all appreciate each day.

Why you should give: $50 will distribute one rain barrel in a community for water conservation, $100 can provide for new tree maintanence, $125 can build a bird and butterfly garden, $1,000 can organize a river cleanup.

Gifts to this category will be distributed to an environment related organization, or organizations, registered on GA Gives Day unless specified otherwise in the donor’s comment section. 

This year, we are making it even easier to give to a cause that is close to all of our hearts. So please, donate on this page and join us we work to support organizations that work to keep our environment heatlhy and beautiful.
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