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Support Causes Helping Senior Citizens

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As the baby boom generation ages, services for senior citizens in Georgia have become increasingly acute. Nonprofits working in this area range from those providing nursing and in home support; meals on wheels, transportation and adult day care; community activities and social support and other supportive services.  In addition, nonprofits represent those impacted by elder abuse, financial fraud, housing and income preservation. Nonprofits also conduct research on Alzheimer’s, dementia and general health dynamics and conduct policy work on senior issues is also provided by nonprofits.
Why you should give: $10 provides a day of nutritious meals delivered to a home-bound senior; $50 supports a night off for a caregiver of an Alzheimer’s patient; $250 provides legal services for an abused senior; $500 supports a month of craft supplies and snacks for a community senior center.

Gifts to this category will be distributed to a senior related organization, or organizations, registered on GA Gives Day unless specified otherwise in the donor’s comment section. 

This year, we are making it even easier to give to a cause that is close to all of our hearts. So please, donate on this page and join us we work to support organizations serving senior citizens.
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