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Arts and culture nonprofits in Georgia contribute directly to the state’s economic wellbeing. Arts-related businesses employ 88,078 people in Georgia at 17,604 companies. That would include those working in film, radio, television, architecture, design, publishing, and the visual and performing arts, as well as museums, zoos and historical societies. Moreover, arts and cultural organizations in the 
state had a net economic impact of $387 million and contributed more than $18.6 million in tax revenue. Businesses looking to locate often use the prevalence of arts as an important decision making factor that often indicates quality of life, and the presence of an educated, creative workforce. 

There are an array of arts and cultural nonprofits in Georgia.  Some produce art, some preserve and present art and others celebrate local talent and provide a sense of local identity.  From symphonies and ballet companies to community theaters, museums, literary groups and historic sites the arts in Georgia provide entertainment, produce creativity, and celebrates our “sense of place”. 

Why you should give: $50 provides supplies for a week of art classes for 25 youth; $20 is the cost of one month rental of a violin; $500 is the cost for a class visit to a museum; $1000 pays for set design supplies for one neighborhood theater performance. 

Gifts to this category will be distributed to an arts & culture organization, or organizations, registered on GA Gives Day unless specified otherwise in the donor’s comment section. 

This year, we are making it even easier to give to a cause that is close to all of our hearts. So please, donate on this page and join us we work to support art and cultural organizations.
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