Georgia Council on Economic Education

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The Georgia Council on Economic Education helps K-12 teachers teach economics and personal finance.

How do we do this?

We conduct grade-specific workshops for K-12 teachers who are teaching economics and personal finance.
We deliver more than 120 workshops to approximately 2,000 teachers at no financial charge to these teachers or their school systems each year.
We get results: Research shows that students of teachers attending Georgia Council workshops scored higher on state-mandated end of course exams than students of teachers who did not attend Georgia Council workshops.

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GCEE makes me a better teacher!


Teachers in Georgia are truly blessed to have GCEE. Previously, I taught economics in a different state and struggled to create all instruct


As a 2017 GCEE teacher of the year, I can testify to how much GCEE's free resources have improved my content knowledge and teaching of econo


Thank you, GCEE!