Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential

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Our top priority at the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential is to ensure that young people are able to unleash their potential unencumbered by teen pregnancy, bolstered by strong physical health, and supported by healthy relationships. 

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Comprehensive Sex Education

Youth deserve to feel comfortable asking questions about their bodies, sexuality and sex and receiving honest feedback—without judgment. Unfortunately, not all youth are comfortable asking their parents, so a knowledgeable, well-trained adult should be their next resource. GCAPP is the only organization in the state that provides sexual health education training  for teachers and youth serving professionals.

Repeat Pregnancy Prevention

While Georgia’s repeat teen birth rate – young mothers who give birth more than once as an adolescent – is 22%, young women who participate in GCAPP’s Second Chance Homes Network have a repeat birth rate of only 8%. GCAPP is successful because we know that the key to positive outcomes is wrap-around services: academic support, healthcare for mother and child, sustainable employment, stable housing and child support from the

Parent Empowerment

When a parent or caregiver is empowered, they are aware of the influences and challenges faced by their children and they are able to help them navigate through the ever-changing landscape of media and peer influence on their children. Empowered parents are able to positively communicate family values and expectations and their children are supported by an adult who listens, shares and empathizes.

Youth Empowerment

The highest levels of adolescent sexual activity and births occur in 18 and 19 year olds – the age by which students have typically left high school.  This age group accounts for 73% of teen births in Georgia, compromising their dreams and impacting the economic stability of their young families.

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