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Safety For All

Community Resources and Outreach
GCADV initiates contacts with community organizations in order to form relationships and collaborations around issues and projects impacting victims of domestic violence. Through this project, GCADV is involved with groups who address underserved populations and identify gaps in services areas.
This program that focuses on Deaf and Hard of Hearing domestic violence victims. GCADV is partnering with the Georgia Council for the Hearing Impaired (GACHI), the statewide organization providing services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Tools for Life, Georgia’s Assistive Technology Act Program that operates out of Georgia Tech.  The mission of the collaboration is to increase the capacity of domestic violence and disability professionals throughout Georgia to provide safe, comprehensive and responsive services for deaf, hard of hearing, deaf blind, and late deafened individuals experiencing domestic violence. 
Statewide 24-Hour Toll-Free Domestic Violence Hotline
Georgia’s 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline is administered and marketed by GCADV to route calls to Georgia Certified shelters throughout the state.


Economic Justice
The GCADV Economic Justice Program seeks to improve the economic well-being of survivors of domestic violence by building the capacity of member programs to address the economic needs of the victims they serve.

Technical Assistance
GCADV provides hundreds of technical assistance services to a wide variety of callers, such as executive directors, advocates, law enforcement, judges, faith-based programs, batterer intervention programs and others.

GCADV provides both on-site training to domestic violence programs as well as web-based training. The web-based courses increase access to continuing education for advocates who cannot attend “live” trainings.

Transitional Housing
GCADV serves as the administrator for transitional housing projects at three domestic violence programs in Georgia. These programs offer an opportunity for those they serve to participate for two years in order to gain independence and self-sufficiency while having the support of program staff and services.

In Your Own Backyard

GCADV’s Communications oversees press relations, publications, website, social networking, marketing and the tracking of Georgia’s domestic violence homicides reported in the media. The Remember My Name list is published by GCADV annually during October’s National Domestic Violence Awareness Month to honor Georgia’s victims of domestic violence who have lost their lives.

Fatality Review
The Fatality Review Project is a joint initiative of the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Georgia Commission on Family Violence. This project works with task forces throughout Georgia to facilitate a deep assessment of domestic violence fatalities and near fatalities in the communities in which they occurred in order to create systemic change that will prevent such deaths and near-fatalities in the future.

Legislative Advocacy
Legislative advocacy is used to educate and inform Georgia legislators. It helps legislators understand the layers and complexities of domestic violence, therefore enabling them to make informed decisions that can positively affect the safety of victims. GCADV impacts legislation and public policy through the creation and distribution of materials, in-person meetings, letter writing, emails, telephone contacts and public engagement campaigns such as Stop Violence Against Women Day which takes place annually at the Georgia Capitol.

Different than legislative advocacy, GCADV contracts with a lobbyist who is actively involved in the domestic violence movement. This lobbyist advocates with legislators for or against specific legislation that can positively or negatively impact victims of domestic violence, ensuring that victims are put into the equation when important issues are being decided at the legislative level.

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