Georgia Law Center for the Homeless

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The Georgia Law Center was founded in 1983 to address the civil legal needs of Georgia's homeless and imminently homeless individuals and families. We assist individuals in need with two major areas:  legal services and social services advocacy. The combination of legal expertise and social service case management places our clients on a path toward long-term stability and self-sufficiency, ending or preventing the vicious cycle of chronic homelessness.


Our attorneys provide top-notch legal expertise and representation at no cost to those who are homeless or at the brink of eviction. Our cases include:
defending illegal evictions, often preventing homelessness

securing child support and child custody and other critical services for victims of domestic violence

pursuing wage and unemployment claims, and labor violations


Because it's not enough to address the legal issues without considering the many additional obstacles that have led our clients to their present situation, our social service advocates work tirelessly to provide critical social services to our clients. We actively help:

veterans and the disabled apply for and receive government benefits, and represent them at the required hearings
secure birth certificates for homeless clients--the birth certificate is a prerequisite for employment, housing, benefits, etc.
assisting with education issues affecting homeless youth
There are many faces of homelessness, each one representing unique circumstances and challenges. Please help Georgia's individuals and families break the cycle of homelessness by making a gift to the Georgia Law Center today.

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