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Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness, Inc.

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We are celebrating our 20th anniversary!

In celebration of our twentieth year serving Georgia we are calling on our community to partner with us to continue bringing hope to our homeless youth. Your partnership will allow us to continue providing support to the thousands of students who have been burdened with poverty and homelessness.
With your aid the GAEH not only supplies material support such as school supplies and clothing to students locally and statewide, but also emotional and moral encouragement to those who have been asked to handle too much.

Your contribution will empower such programs as Project Promise, which seeks to break the cycle of poverty by allowing these students to pursue their aspirations; Whether it is attending prom, joining their school sports team, or exploring future careers.

Currently the average age of a homeless person is only 9 years old, but we believe that in another twenty years homelessness can be a thing of the past, and these children will be starting families of their own in homes of their own! Your do
nation is your promise to our future leaders that they are not alone, that they matter, and that we love them!

Thank You for Believing.

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