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Georgia Appleseed

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The Mission of Georgia Appleseed is to increase justice in Georgia through law and policy reform and community engagement.

Georgia Appleseed seeks a Georgia where the voices of the poor, the children and the marginalized are heard and where injustices that no one should endure are resolved.

Impact.  That’s what your financial support of Georgia Appleseed will have on the lives all of Georgians. You will not just change one life – you will be part of holistic changes to policy and law that address the root causes of society’s toughest issues.  Your donation will impact tens of thousands.  Through your support of Georgia Appleseed, you will increase justice throughout the state.

With your donation you will:

·    Provide support for students to stay in school and avoid the “school-to-prison” pipeline (watch a short video on this subject here);

·    Give teachers and administrators tools to have positive learning environments;

·    Build education stability for foster youth, including helping them know their rights and have representation at school tribunals;

·    Help low- and moderate-income owners of heirs property maintain ownership of their homes;
Lead and engage the community in conversations on policies, problems, and successes with regards to race, law enforcement, and the law.

Our recent work includes:
+ Supported enactment of a new law that will allow juvenile court to focus its resources on serious cases by reducing the number of students sent to juvenile court for minor school yard disciplinary matters. 

+ Trained more than 140 attorneys to represent youth in foster care at student tribunal hearings.

+ Facilitated community meetings based on Georgia specific research about race, law enforcement & the law to promote practical reform that increases trust and confidence in a fair justice system for all.

+ Recruited Pro Bono attorneys from eight law firms to serve the legal needs of rural Georgians who own heirs property, by updating a needed legal handbook for Farmers and by providing basic estate planning to show the creation of "heirs property."

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Ga Appleseed raises the bar to all states to care about their youth and allow them the chance to be productive members of society


Thanks for all that you do!