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When Future Foundation asked students ages 13 and 14 in urban Atlanta neighborhoods about their future, 95% believed they would graduate from high school and 90% believed they would graduate college.  In reality, less than half will actually graduate high school and less than one-third will attend college.
Future Foundation’s mission is to level the playing field for metro-Atlanta youth by providing quality education, health and life skills programs, and its impact has been amazing!
100% graduation rate for College4Careers seniors with all of those students enrolled in a postsecondary institution upon graduation.
100% of Reef House After-School Program students met or exceeded the standard for the CRCT Reading and Math Test.
80% of Reef House students showed an improvement in personal life skills and self-esteem activities.
86% of RealTalk Program participants defined abstinence as the best health method to prevent teen pregnancy and STDs/STIs, with 78% of participants reporting the ability to implement refusal skills.

How Do They Do It?
As a nonprofit organization (501(c)(3)), Future Foundation directly serves over 1,000 students in grades 5-12 through several programs.  RealTalkATL, as featured on CNN (clip), sparks conversations about healthy choices regarding sex, love, dating and relationships through partnerships with area underperforming schools and community centers. The Reef House Learning Center for 5th-7th graders and the Reef Teen Center for 8th-12th graders are supervised, secure environments where experienced staff and certified teachers cultivate an atmosphere of excellence in academics, health and leadership.  Many of the youth served are at risk because their parents and grandparents were at risk.  Future Foundation takes a holistic approach by empowering parents to engage in their youth’s success through its Parent Connection program. To learn more about the programs, click here.
How Can You Help?
Future Foundation is making a significant difference in the lives of metro-Atlanta students, their families and communities. If you want to help, please consider giving your time, treasure or talent.
Time. Spread the word about what we are doing! Forward this email on to your friends and family and take the time to tell them about Future Foundation. Encourage them do donate their time, treasure and talent, as well! If you are interested in a more "hands-on" experience, click here to find out how you can get involved.
Treasure. Future Foundation needs public donations to provide these programs. $5 will provide a day of tutoring and homework support for one student.  100% of board members made personal donations last year, but they are not enough.  Please consider supporting us by making your own donation.  Future Foundation also currently needs in-kind donations, including books, educational games, art supplies, student incentive gift certificates, etc. Please click here for the full list.
Talent.  Please consider joining one of our standing committees: Fundraising/Finance, Board Development, Community Outreach, or Legal. The committees meet 6 times per year. 
Small gestures can send big signals about who we are and what we care about!

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