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Back in 2003, I picked up the phone and asked "how can I foster a Chihuahua." Next thing I knew, I was a new foster mom and volunteer for Small Dog Rescue & Humane Society. Over the next 3 years, I fostered hundreds of Chihuahuas in my home and even became their shelter and kennel manager at their new 1/2 million dollar facility in Alpharetta.

But my journey didn't stop there. I went on to become Founder and Director of Chihuahua Rescue of Georgia, Inc, a 501c3 organization that save the lives of over 100 Chihuahuas from Puppy Mills in a 5 year span.

I've been the person who stood in the freezing cold at 4am in the middle of a Target parking lot waiting on a tractor trailor truck of puppy mill dogs from Missouri that were soaked in their own feces and urine and were saved from drowning just because they couldn't "produce" anymore. 

I've comforted, fed, provided housing for, and vetted thousands of dogs in my lifetime. I've had the privelage and the honor of putting the light back in the eyes of these spirit-broken dogs who have never been petted, never been a pet, never had a name, only been a number.

Now, I'm an ADMIN for the Furkids and Small Dog Rescue Furkids Facebook pages, as well as the Twitter manager for Furklds. An exciting and NEW adventure that will allow me to match hopeful adopters with hopeful dogs and cats waiting for a "chance" to give. 

Now, you can get your chance to give back and put the light back in the eyes of an animal too. Furkids is hoping to raise $15K in an effort to continue their good efforts in the community as Atlanta's largest no-kill animal shelter that rescues over 1,000 animals per year and places them in loving, forever homes.

On Nov 13th, 2013 - Ga Gives is hosting an all day ONE day fundraising event and I am inviting you to take part in my lifelong pursuit, my passion, my heart - and the heart's of the animals that are waiting to be saved. Why don't you start with a $25 donation and share this with a friend.

By doing so, you can prevent the silent tragedy that occurs every day while hundreds of thousands of animals are put to sleep just because they were born. Not because they were bad, Unadoptable. Or didn't have anything to give. Or weren't deserving. 

Together, we can make a difference to stop this tragedy from occuring to just ONE animal, maybe TWO, maybe more,...our impact is far reaching and HUGE. Let's start a ripple effect....

Your donation will not be mis-used or forgotten. Not by me, Not by Furkids. Especially not by the animal's life you chose to save. Thank you and God Bless You. 


Leigh Ann Dickey
Former Director & Founder of Chihuahua Rescue of Ga, Inc.

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