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Whether you’re planting a community garden in Jamaica, practicing Spanish in Colombia, or cycling with locals in Germany, every personal friendship you create when you travel plays a small part in building a more peaceful world.

With 15,000 members - in over 350 clubs in more than 60 countries around the world - committed to our mission to promote global understanding across the barriers that separate people, Friendship Force International has worked to surmount stereotypes and uproot the seeds of bigotry, prejudice, and hatred for 40 years.

Our programs bring diverse people together, into one another’s cultures and homes, to share one-of-a-kind experiences not available to regular tourists. Our members are ordinary people just like you, who travel or host in the name of global friendship.

As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we recognize that the divisions in our world, even within our own nations, are different today than when we began in 1977. They demand that we as individuals band together to promote a better, more positive way forward.

Nominated in 1992 for a Nobel Peace Prize for our work fostering friendships between the people of the US and the people of former Soviet states, Friendship Force International has a proven record of being a leader in the effort to forge peace through friendship.

But for our values of peace through friendship to have greater and wider effect, we are actively adapting our programs and creating new programs to meet the expectations of an ever-evolving world.

To help celebrate and honor this important milestone in our organization's history, we created the Friendship Force 40th Anniversary Campaign to boldly and smartly invest in enhancing worldwide cultural understanding by delving deeper with our mission of creating international friendships.


Your support will help Friendship Force:
Expand our Core
Engage Future Leaders
Activate a New, Socially-Responsible Travel Network


These initiatives will allow us to provide opportunities for all backgrounds, ages and stages of life to engage in the mission of friendship and peace through cultural understanding. Thank you for your donation to Friendship Force on this GA Gives on #GivingTuesday!

"Now More Than Ever" Friendship Force Video - 2017 from Friendship Force International on Vimeo.

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