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Children and adults with disabilities learn and flourish together at the Frazer Center. Our early childhood education program includes children with disabilities, and more than 80 adults with developmental disabilities receive supported employment, job training, meaningful community experiences and live their best lives.  Frazer has a long-standing history of providing exceptional services to infants, preschoolers and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities including cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and autism spectrum disorders. Since 1949, thousands of children and adults have grown to live their best lives  with therapeutic, educational and vocational services. 


Adult participants range in age from 18 to 70 years old, some of whom have been coming to Frazer for over 25 years, and several of whom attended our Child Development Program as kids. The adults work with staff and  families/caregivers to discover their gifts, talents and interests, and then explore and secure jobs, meaningful volunteer work--all to participate in our communites.  With our support, local businesses, such as The Home Depot, SalonRed, Kroger, Publix and more employ more than 20 adults with developmental disabilities. 
200 children, 20% of whom have special needs or are at risk learn together in our Child Development Program.  From infants to Pre-K, Frazer kids enjoy a supportive and stimulating environment. Kids with special needs and typically developing kids learn from each other--mastering motor skills, learning empathy and leadership and fnding out that kids and adults with different abilities are a regular, welcome part of life. 

The Frazer Center is part of the SunTrust Financial Wellness Challenge. Your gift could potentially be matched up to $5,000! 
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Thank you Frazer Center for all the wonderful opportunities you offer in the Adults program