Together we can stop the cycle of pet overpopulation in Georgia!

Fix Georgia Pets

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Fix A Pit - Healthier Pits, Healthier Community, and a Reduction in Offspring
Funds being raised will be used to spay and neuter bully breed dogs in Richmond County.   Altering Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes will benefit the community and reduce the number of offspring that are euthanized in the future.  
Vouchers will be distributed in Richmond County specifically targeting areas that affect the thousands of Pit Bull dogs and puppies that are brought into the shelter or left as strays to roam the streets.  
Vouchers will be distributed to individuals with unaltered Pit Bulls, and Pit Bull mixes, by Animal Control Officers in an effort to reduce the number of unwanted offspring in our community.     
Individuals surrendering Pit Bull and Pit Bull mix litters of puppies will be offered a voucher and educated about the effect of multiple births on the mother dog, the benefits of spaying/neutering and the probable outcome for Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes surrendered to the shelter.
Vouchers would be available for individuals who would agree to alter their Pit Bull or Pit Bull dog in lieu of surrendering the pet to the shelter or continuing to care for an unaltered pet which will ultimately reduce the number of animals euthanized.  

Fix Georgia Pets is proud to provide matching funds for our partners across the state.
Together, we can end senseless euthanasia in Georgia.

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