Together we can stop the cycle of pet overpopulation in Georgia!

Fix Georgia Pets

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Spay/Neuter = Prevention of Euthanasia

BARC Humane Society of Valdosta, GA kindly requests your support for our spay/neuter program in order to address the huge animal overpopulation issue in our area. With your support, BARC will continue to provide free spay/neuter vouchers to low-income families in Brooks County who can’t afford these procedures.
Fix Georgia Pets will MATCH every donation - dollar for dollar - until the end of November!
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BARC endeavors to raise public awareness to the plight of those who can’t speak for themselves and to educate the public regarding overpopulation and the needless euthanasia of dogs and cats.  Today, our animal shelters in southern Georgia face an overcrowding crisis.  This leads to very high euthanasia rate.  The largest shelter in our area lists a 50.4% euthanasia rate in 2014 on their website.  Half of the animals that enter this facility, do not leave.  An overcrowded situation and medical conditions that are often easily treated, lead to this alarming euthanasia rate.  

Many residents either can’t afford the cost of the spay/neuter or they are not aware of its importance in our community.  BARC is helping.  We currently offer spay/neuter vouchers to low-income families in Brooks County, GA (population 15.658).  Approved applicants, who currently rely on some form of public assistance, are provided a voucher for a free spay or neuter of their dog or cat that can be used at the South Georgia Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic in Thomasville, GA.  To date, BARC has provided hundreds of vouchers and we hope to continue this effort through donations and grants.
Fix Georgia Pets is proud to provide matching funds for our partners across the State.
Together, we can end senseless euthanasia in Georgia.

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