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Almost a year ago, I sat down on the ground in Pitumarca and helped a Peruvian woman wind a ball of yarn from a skein of just-dyed wool. I held the skein in my outstretched arms and, with smiles and gestures, we figured out how to work together. Yarn connected us, but we bonded because winding yarn was a shared skill. This simple task linked us and turned strangers into friends, effortlessly bridging vast cultural, economic, and language barriers.
I’ve had many, many similar experiences at SEFAA. It would be hard not to in this place where community and creativity intersect, this place where knitters connect to weavers, crafters connect to artists, makers connect to appreciators, and students connect to instructors.  SEFAA encourages, inspires, and links us all through the common language of textiles. That’s why I donate to SEFAA and why I hope you will too.

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