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Family Heritage Foundation (FHF) assists resettled refugee youth and at-risk youth in Clarkston, GA in becoming confident, engaged, and productive members of American society. We fulfill our mission through afterschool tutoring, summer programs, adult computer classes, and mentoring programs. We strive to come along families who have been displaced in order to provide support and community as they create a new life in Clarkston. Our vision is for Clarkston to become a city with abundant opportunity for the underserved and marginalized to be healthy, educated, and whole through the Message of Hope.

Let me take you back to 5th grade. Your family just left everything they owned and fled to another country. Now, you're in a 5th-grade classroom along with 25 other students. The teacher gets up, writes something on the board, but you can't read it because it's in a foreign language. Your teacher then begins to explain algebra in the same foreign language. You have no idea what is being said. At the end of the day, you leave with homework assignments that you can't do on your own. How would that make you feel? What if you had a place to go, after school, where someone was waiting to help you with your assignments? Your parents who are barely making it in this country wouldn't have to pay for the help. Would that give you hope? That's what we do at Family Heritage Foundation; restore hope to our youth and their families.

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