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Families First, Inc.

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Families First, Inc. provides direct services that enhance the well-being of of children and families in jeopardy, creating families who are self-sufficient amid the storms of life. We help all children thrive in permanent, stable homes surrounded by community support.

To ensure the success of children in jeopardy by empowering families
A community where all children and families flourish

Three Impact Areas:

Child & Youth PermanencyWe create important, long-lasting relationships in the life of every child through programs like adoptions, foster care and transitional living.

Family Sustainability & Empowerment We give families the tools, skills and support they need to be self-sufficient whether through transitional housing or by accessing a car loan. 


Healthy Families & RelationshipsWe support babies and moms, effective parenting and school success so that  families raise children who succeed, flourish and give back.

Families First's Theory of Change
"When a community actively supports families, families in turn will nurture thriving, successful children who will transform and strengthen community."

Invest your time, your heart, yourself. Become part of Families First's long history of commitment to empowering families and growing healthy communities. Volunteer Today.


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"Families First because Children Should Never Come Last."

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