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Operation Gift Basket
At Dream To Live Outreach, Inc., we take care to provide our consumers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We need your help to fund Operation Gift Basket!

Operation Gift Basket was created to answer an often overlooked need. People experiencing homelessness usually are depleted of their savings which is used to pay for move-in expenses thus leaving them with very little money left to purchase much needed items such as shower curtains, pots, plates, utensils, towels, washcloths, linen, laundry items, toothbrush holder, light bulb. Further more, many homeless shelter residents achieve the daunting task and overcome the odds by securing permanent housing but no one to celebrate, there will be no housewarming party. What if we could provide the necessary items, save thir funds and present them as a house warming gift? That is what Operation Gift Basket is all about. It says, you are not alone, we are celebrating with you and as an incentive of achieving self-sufficiency, we will save you the expense of purchasing these much-needed household items.

Through in-kind gifts and continued grant funding, Operation Gift Basket is here to stay. However, Dream To Live Outreach has never been fully funded. We need an office, one full-time staff and project funding. Our total expense to get this program off the ground requires the "basic needs" (no pun intended). This is our vision and we are asking for one person or many people to bless our organization with a seed fund. You will know because we will have a press announcement upon funding. Thank you in advance for giving us a chance to make this dream to become alive!

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