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The East Point Velodrome Association is a vibrant, hardworking community of individuals, organizations, and businesses advancing our dedication to track cycling at the Dick Lane Velodrome.  We’re passionate about passing on traditions, skills and racing tactics supporting the development of new cyclists.

We need your help expanding our Youth Cycling League to reach even more potential young riders in the Metro Atlanta Area. We want to reach into communities and address potential health issues such as childhood obesity while teaching good health habits in a fun, non-traditional sports environment. We are expanding our Youth Cycling League to three evenings a week to encompass beginner, intermediate and advanced youth cyclists. This change will help us better serve each group as they have unique needs to their involvment in cycling and will allow us the flexibility to serve those groups better.

The DLV Youth Cycling League has been running since 2003 and is a free community program for residents of East Point, College Park and Hapeville. We provide bicycles for participants to use free of charge, as well as helmets and as they increase their skills level other cycling equipment including clipless pedals and shoes as well as cycling clothing. Exanding our programming to an extra night will require some additional resources in terms of coaching and officiating. A $50 donation supports a beginner and intermediate YCL cyclists through a full season (March-October) of riding. $150 Donation allows us to pay for an advanced cyclist to participate in all programming the track provides to riders 14 years and older to increase their skills and cycling potential. 

With your help we'll support even more young cyclists ...

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