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D.C. Express Track Club, Inc

Founded in 1984 in Decatur, GA.  Dekalb County Express Track Club, Inc. (D.C. Express) is a 33-year old 501 (c) (3) nonprofit community based youth track & field development/competitive program.​

D.C. Express participate in various track and field meets in different parts of the United States.  D.C. Express members have attracted attention as winners, record breakers, student-athletes and as being well disciplined athletes. The excellent performances have not only created a fine reputation for D.C. Express, but have resulted in scholarships for D.C. Express athletes to some of the finest Colleges and Universities in the United States.

As a developmental/competitive program, we require uniforms, equipment, and normal operating expenses.  All coaches are volunteers.  We have kids who need monetary assistance by way of a “donation" to participate in our program.

Your support and generosity enables the Club to achieve its goal of enhancing lives and communities through track & field.

The D.C. Express Track Club focuses on the physical, mental, educational and social development of its members. D.C. Express is a year round program. Our activities are intensified during the spring and summer competitive months. However, we maintain our training and development in the off season with modified track and field instruction.



  • Teach proper track and field techniques
  • To increase knowledge of track and field in youths.
  • Develop personal positive social relationships between individuals and groups
  • Teach coping skills for problems encountered during group living (out of town/state track meets).
  • Motivate participants to complete high school and college education.
  • Assist all athletes who desire scholarships to obtain, both athletic and academic scholarships.
This aspect of the program is designed to augment the academic experiences of all students and to complement their sociological and physiological development through track and field and other recreational activities.

Emphasis is directed towards enriching each individual with a wealth of leisure time skills in track and field, while assisting in the development of physical fitness, increased levels of motor skills, and promoting social interaction by improving self-images.

Career development will be used as a means of goal setting and motivational outlook. Success stories will be used for inspiring and motivating student-athletes.

You can donate on this website or by mailing a donation to D.C. Express Track Club, Inc., P.O. Box 360435, Decatur, GA 30036-0435.

We appreciate any support you, your business or organization can provide.

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