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Currently, two major projects are in progress:  (1) preservation of all abandoned cemeteries in the county, and (2) preservation of a Rosenwald school buildingPlease specify in Comments section if you wish your donation to go the Cemeteries, the School, or to the General Fund.

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  (1) Cemeteries: Cemeteries are invaluable historic resources, providing information to genealogists, historians, and archaeologists that often isn’t available elsewhere. A project to preserve local abandoned cemeteries in Cusseta, the only city in Chattahoochee County, has expanded to include Fort Benning, where a lot of this county’s history now lies. The 50-60 private cemeteries on Fort Benning (covering 80% of this county), were on plantations, farms, and church grounds before land was acquired by the Government to train troops for WWI and WWII. Fort Benning maintains the land, but the grave markers belong to descendants of the deceased, a lot of whom left this area when they lost their land.  Broken stones are not repaired, and grave markers are disappearing.
In collaboration with Fort Benning personnel, and with training from the Georgia Municipal Cemetery Association, CCHPS members are preserving broken, leaning, and sinking grave markers throughout the Installation. This project is totally volunteers and donations.  Your donation will provide needed preservation supplies to rescue “dying” grave markers, and provide awareness of importance of preserving cemeteries.


(2) Rosenwald school: In 2008 the CCHPS acquired a Rosenwald school building.  This building was constructed in 1929-1930 with support of the Julius Rosenwald Fund, which supported construction of African-American schools in the racially -segregated South.  Nearly 5,000 schools were built in 15 states, with 242 in Georgia.  Only about 50 school buildings survive in some form in Georgia.  It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2011.  Preservation is still in progress.  This year heating and air was installed, and restroom facilities are under construction. 
CCHPS hopes by preserving the building, to revitalize and fill needs of the community; educate the public on history and significance of Rosenwald schools; and for historic tourism.  This building has a story of the past, present, and future to tell.  Your donation will allow this building’s story to be told. Thank you for your support, and for being a part of history, preservation, and education.

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