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Cancer Support Community Atlanta

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The Cancer Support Community-Atlanta is a warm, inviting place where people affected by cancer can participate in free programs of support and education to guide them through their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. We are the Atlanta affiliate of a national organization that is acclaimed for our professionally led programs. All of our programs empower people to face cancer armed with vital information, a network of supportive friends who understand their journey, and a healthy spirit to face what will lie ahead.

Our home-like facility includes rooms for a variety of support groups, large studio rooms for gentle exercise and stress reduction classes, a library full of resources and a demonstration kitchen for nutrition programs. In addition, our large rooms are open to the public for educational forums featuring some of our areas most acclaimed physicians and specialists in the fields of medicine, nutrition, and breakthroughs in oncology treatments.
Programs offered at the Cancer Support Community-Atlanta are all led by licensed psychotherapists, physicians, healthcare professionals and other specialists licensed in their fields, and are free of charge. Additionally, because we are part of the large network of affiliates that share vital information and best practices with our national office's Research and Training Institute, all programs offered in our facility are evidence-based...we have proof they make a difference. Programs are ongoing throughout the year and are offered during the day, in the evenings, and weekends to meet the needs of all people in our area. Our calendar of programming includes:

* Educational forums that empower patients by providing information on specific diagnoses and issues, led by leaders in the medical community
* Professionally-led Support Groups for patients and caregivers
* Fun therapeutic programs for children to help them cope with the fear and anxiety that a cancer diagnosis in the family brings
* Gentle exercise classes like "Wellness Workout" and pilates to help keep patients active and regain strength after surgery and treatment
* Physical activities to build immune systems like Tai Chi, "Zumba" and various other gentle, low impact classes
* Nutrition consultations and group cooking demonstrations
* Relaxation classes that include yoga, meditation and Art for Recovery
* Special workshops that take the tools offered in regular programming to a deeper level

By providing free programs that bring people together who understand the issues and challenges of a cancer diagnosis, the Cancer Support Community creates relationships that truly carry people through what lies ahead for each of them. Doing so through educational, hopeful, and proactive methods empowers patients and caregivers to fight for their right to recovery...and survival.
Thanks to the dedication of so many who are committed to the Cancer Support Community Atlanta, no one has to face cancer alone.
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